Friday, April 4, 2008

Iron Man Preview

Time is definitely warming for up Iron Man as its theater release is nearing.
Indeed preview clips of Iron Man have been unveiled:

Tony Stark: the Da Vinci of our time or a merchant of Death?

Tony tries a flight stabilizer, but forgets Murphy's law...

Tony Stark is levitating but fears to flame up.

Tony Stark is testing his first armor.

Not that easy to get into such a suit: fortunately, there is some robotic assistant to help!

Well, outside tests are still required, even in secret, and out of breath.

This armor is much more advanced thanks to the first tests...

How amazing this armor suit is! The guys behind it must have some knowledge in physics and engineering: this armor looks right and is quite credible, indeed there is no supernatural trick to make it fly.

One should not forget that all this high tech is nonsense by its own. Life gets sense elsewhere for Tony Stark the womanizer:

It's the birthday of Virginia Potts, aka Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow).

Tony Stark is Iron Man mainly because he has a lot to be forgiven as the head of a weapon company:


Do you know the biggest weakness of Iron Man? Here it is (but it's also his strength):

Run Pepper, run Pepper Potts!

I suppose you crave for watching Iron Man by now.